Galaxies No Galaxies Back

When my dad and I moved to the States from Paris (mid 90s) he sought out a¬†quintessential American car as our second vehicle. That car came in the form of a baby blue 1967 Ford Galaxie¬†that drove like a boat with bench seats. Years ago it was sold to a person who turned it into a dark blue hot rod and we’ve since gone back to more practical European cars. But as a result of having that car we started a ‘punch buggie’ type game with Ford Galaxies called ‘Galaxies No Galaxies Back!’ where we punch each other whenever we spot the rare car. Well, we’ve tried to revive that game despite living halfway across the world from one another…Galaxies No Galaxies Back in films.

(photos: Dark Shadows, Bullit, The Thomas Crown Affair, Anchorman)

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